Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Since the cave dwelling days through to today's electronic age, mankind has always tried to communicate through image and graphics. Successful communication relies on the designer's knowledge of the vehicle used to transmit the idea.

Due to its history, Zadeh Designs is in an enviable position to have an in-depth knowledge of most media used in Graphic Design. Whether a company logo, a web page or a page in print, our past experience allows us to utilise the avenue to its maximum potential.

The images an organisation uses to portray itself can have a very powerful impact on the way that organisation is viewed and perceived. Zadeh Designs can help analyse, clarify and create visual solutions to communication needs. The following areas are just some amongst the variety of areas of practical knowledge available to our clients:

  • company/ product logo
  • product packaging
  • brochure/ catalogue design
  • images and graphics for websites
  • posters
  • t-shirt design
  • presentations

Whatever the requirement, Zadeh Designs can design and deliver the final graphic image. With extensive experience in print and digital media, we can also ensure the best possible utilisation of graphics for these areas.

Graphic Design Samples